Myths & Folklores : Santorini

by: Kasi

The story behind the Caldera: the Woman, the Hero, the Myth!

Once upon a time as Greek legend goes, there was a decent, strong and handsome man favored by the gods. His given name was Iponoos however he was also known as Bellerophon, due to the fact that at a young age he had killed the famous thief Bellero.  On one of his journeys in Tirintha...

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The truth about the current situation in Greece

by: Foteini

You have probably heard a lot about the current financial troubles in Greece. If you or your clients are getting worried about their upcoming trip to our country, you can relax. It is true that the recently imposed capital controls have inconvenienced the Greek people to a large extent. That said, the same does not apply for our guests. Tourists staying in Greece and anyone with a credit card issued in a foreign country are not affected by the measures to limit bank withdrawals. 

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